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Does LinkedIn have any value to you? How many customers did you get in 2009 from LinkedIn?

I am just wondering if it is worth spending my time on developing a presence on LinkedIn.  I am interested to hear how other people are using it and what value they are getting from it.  Also, I am curious how many cutomers people got from it in 2009.

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I have found it invaluable for Job Searches, helping Colleagues find new opportunities as well as just keeping up with where former colleagues are and what they are doing professionally.
I have acquired three (and maybe four) clients and numerous leads through LinkedIn. It has also allowed me to reconnect with a number of former colleagues. It is a great tool; a good supplement to "boots on the ground" promotional activities.
Here's how to get value on LinkedIn, IMHO:

1 - make sure your profile is updated, includes what you're doing, and is keyword-friendly
2 - spend time finding people you've actually worked with, talked with -- your real-life network -- and connect with them there
3 - don't be shy about asking for recommendations -- but first give a couple to get started. Don't be liberal -- would these people be part of the story of your career? If so, recommend them.
4 - Spend time in the Q&As. Ask questions, answer ones - where you have something to say.
5 - Finally, don't ignore groups. Like NING networks, there's a Group for just about everything.


(Here's my LinkedIn profile)
In 2009, I had 13 clients come from LinkedIn connections. It all comes down to how you use your account and having a system to use your time effeciently. I also use LinkedIn to identify strategic relationships.
not sure may b yes may b no just like not answer yes than no just like no answer no clue how to answer this type of question but can feel business improving
I would have to say Linkedin has been incredible. It has helped me get some freelance gigs and the forums have helped me get in touch with other professionals for advice or guidance on projects.
Hi Helen,

Answer ZERO I worked hard for 5 years on another social network and despite the Ethos also got little reward. Perhaps an additional service we offer could, be a turn around but, we have to wait and see


Hi Helen,

I have found Linkedin to be a great investment of your time when it's used properly. I have established some incredible contacts locally and around the world through it. Here are some things I believe you should do:

-- Make sure your profile us "uber" complete. The more detailed AND organized your profile information is the more likely it is that someone will find something that interests you about them;

-- Participate in group discussions with groups where the kinds of people you are looking to connect with hang out;

-- Answer questions in the groups and in the questions and answers section for the benefit of people who are looking for answers. Focus on answering questions that are in your area of expertise to maximize your credibility.

I am teaching a workshop on this subject next week for anyone who may be local in the Maryland area. Feel free to come see us (, or if you cannot attend live register and get the audio of the session sent to you by email.

Hope that helps Helen! Let me know if you have other questions.

Glenn K. Garnes
Well I better adopt some of Dave Van de Walle´s good advice...


Seppo Laine
Well....I have not had much luck with it. Unless of course I am not using it correctly. In that case, I would need help in knowing how to navigate it. I ahve a lot of followers on there, but honestly it really hasnt done anything for my busienss at all. I find most people are on there to promote their businesses. So most of them dont want to hear what I hav to say, let alone just to connect and network.

Dave had some great advice on how to turn things around for yourself. I also recommend that you use it to proactively filter and find the kind of people you are looking to connect with and to then reach out and establish a relationship with those people. Don't treat it as ad space, instead use it as a tool to find quality business professionals and then get to know them.
I am on it but do not use it...possibly an age related reality. I'm 77.


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