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Video is hot.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words while a video is worth a million!

There are so many ways to use video these days and of course it is viral.

Can you share some tips and advice with us please?

Here are some thoughts from me that may be helpful.

Here's a blog post on 42 Ways to Use Video that you may find very helpful.

My experience with video is in the production end of producing 3 camera video demo's for speakers and one camera videos for authors.

Our clients have been able to book many speaking gigs and get media interviews as a result of the videos we have produced for them.

You can see some of the videos we created at the following link.  Click here

Personally I have seen a giant leap in my speaker marketing coaching practice since I added short one camera videos on my site as well as on the blog and on the social media sites. 

Take a look at my welcome video on my home page

Here I am sharing about how to create a marketing strategy

This one is for Meeting Planners to show them how to book our speakers

Susan Levin
Speaker Services
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>>THiZ! iz the channel Eye uze 2 share our stuff with the rest of the planetz..!;)

I've only recently started using video to promote my business and created a YouTube channel:
Yes. Not only am I radio host, an author as well. I use book trailers as part of my marketing plan to promote my books, which have generated sales. I've even received responses on the trailers. The key to any video is to remember it's a part of and not the total focus of your marketing plan. Check out the trailers by clicking on Vinson Publishing
I'm new to this video stuff. My company has a fantastic video on our E-Power energy treatment using negative ions.

Susan Ebbs
Total Renewal

Videos are what made my business. I've used them since day 1..


Here is a shoot out on Panama City Beach and a Cool Tattoo.. Foot in the sand..















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