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Video is hot.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words while a video is worth a million!

There are so many ways to use video these days and of course it is viral.

Can you share some tips and advice with us please?

Here are some thoughts from me that may be helpful.

Here's a blog post on 42 Ways to Use Video that you may find very helpful.

My experience with video is in the production end of producing 3 camera video demo's for speakers and one camera videos for authors.

Our clients have been able to book many speaking gigs and get media interviews as a result of the videos we have produced for them.

You can see some of the videos we created at the following link.  Click here

Personally I have seen a giant leap in my speaker marketing coaching practice since I added short one camera videos on my site as well as on the blog and on the social media sites. 

Take a look at my welcome video on my home page

Here I am sharing about how to create a marketing strategy

This one is for Meeting Planners to show them how to book our speakers

Susan Levin
Speaker Services
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No. Not in my case. But I believe it would be effective in a "How-to" business or any businesses where customers need to see to believe.
Not yet!
Not yet and there are other sites that do not have any size limitations that also work. But a professional organization I belong to does post Youtube videos that are live interviews from the events and that works very well as references or links within emails and marketing materials.
I have very few on youtube, If your interested I'm listed as william2233
I use "video trailers" to promote my novel, The Ezekiel Code. I haven't checked the stats lately but the last time I looked I think the total views for my two video trailers was around 20,000. That's terrific exposure at virtually not cost. In addition to YouTube I also post the videos on all the Ning sites that I've joined.

We live in a very video-oriented age. If you have a book on the market a video trailer is almost expected these days.

Exactly, and if you are in the music business or trying to get some exposure in relation to your music;

It is always handy to create some moving visuals with music.
Hiya, Yes we use Youtube as a may to market our products we created advertising videos and will soon be adding demonstrations, videos in action etc It's fun and rewarding for our business.
not now,its very difficult to make videos with great impression
Years signing up in youtube and forgetting my username and password, since 1 week ago I manage my youtube account and I subscribed my interest to several channels. I am planning to promote my business inserting videos in my channel.
I have found a fabulous site to create slideshows with a difference called Picture Trail. I have added the slide show with thumb nails to the front page of my website and my personal favourite the rotating cube to showcase my new designs as it only shows 6 images. I have been getting great feed back. The two youtube videos get a limited response.
Eryka's Place

You Tube gets over a million hits an hour. And it is by far the best of the broadcast yourself platforms.

We have a premarketing campaign for "Puzzle Vision", (starring Kevin Sorbo/ Hercules, Andromeda fame, directed by Frank Lin/ American Fusion, Hysteria), and one of the internet platforms is You Tube.

I figured, if Coppola did it for Tetro, then it would make sense to do it for PV.

We will launch the You Tube channel Puzzle Vision, once we get into pre-production. Why so soon? With "pull" marketing, the sooner we start building an audience base, the better, and we genuinely want the online viewer to be a part of our process, the journey. With You tube we can provide a daily flow of a variety of content, keeping the viewer up to speed.

We also have ARG. Alternate Narrative gaming, which will launch approxiamately 2 months before the intial release. Another form of "pull" marketing.

In all, we have seven layers of premarketing, that is dominately web based PR.

I will keep everyone updated, and of course launch activity here, also.

Have a FAB day, everyone!!


Daniel Noe
Writer/ Producer
Puzzle Vision
Although I do not use videos yet, there is no doubt in my mind regarding effectiveness of video presentations. The truth of the matter is that I am sharpening my video skills at this very moment, as we speak. I guess, I had to anticipate this situation. Unfortunately, I did not. Being an action person, I took a video class recently. So far, there is one video I created for training purposes:

I am looking forward to 'tips and tricks' that could make my life of a video producer easier. Sharing techniques is a great idea!


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