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More and more sites are replacing their Digg buttons with TweetMeme buttons. Digg has also taken away many of their "social uses" to collaborate with other diggers over the past 12 months. I think that Digg will see a big 30-50% drop with traffic in 2010 due to the rise of TweetMeme.

In less than a year, TweetMeme has gone from a few thousand visitors a month to almost 5 million. Take a look at the Quantcast numbers since June 2009 below.

What do you think and when did you first hear about TweetMeme?

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At a time when blogs ruled the internet, Digg proposed an order to the chaos of massive amounts of information, and now in a time of tweeter, TweetMeme is doing the same; and based on the rapid growth TweetMeme is doing something right.

I don't think TweetMeme will replace Digg, but definitely agree that TweetMeme will steal a considerable amount of traffic from Digg.
I have no idea what Digg or TweetMeme is. I have seen the "button" for Digg and other such things but there is never an explanation of what is, what it does, how to use it or where to put it (if that is what you do with it). I do not know how people find out about such things. It seems like some kind of inside joke that the rest of us just do not get.
Here is a beginner's guide to Digg:

TweetMeme is essentially the same thing as Digg, but it ranks web pages by the number of tweets as opposed to diggs.
I'm in the same situation as Jo, I'm not familiar with any of the two concepts and the truth is I would appreciate information on them if that were possible. Take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy 2010.
Funnily enough I used it for the first time this morning before coming to your post here :)

Difficult to have a valid opinion yet but I can certainly see the potential -

I find that Twitter is great for getting a very targeted message out to followers who are interested enough to follow my links a reasonable amount of the time - whereas I found Digg much more eclectic and perhaps 'precious' in some ways. I loved it there if I had a little time to spare, it was a great way to catch up on some of my alternative interests but I never had much success with my own Diggs so as I got busier online, I had less time to devote to Digg -:(


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