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More and more sites are replacing their Digg buttons with TweetMeme buttons. Digg has also taken away many of their "social uses" to collaborate with other diggers over the past 12 months. I think that Digg will see a big 30-50% drop with traffic in 2010 due to the rise of TweetMeme.

In less than a year, TweetMeme has gone from a few thousand visitors a month to almost 5 million. Take a look at the Quantcast numbers since June 2009 below.

What do you think and when did you first hear about TweetMeme?

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I first heard of TweetMeme when I received your email. And as far as Digg is concerned, I have never used that either. I can't say I have any idea whether either of these would be useful to me.
This is all very new to me, although I would like to use to get the message about my travel business out there, let me know if appropriate?
To leverage your travel business with TweetMeme, I think you would have to write about travel topics that are getting main stream news coverage on CNN. Or you could write about specific travel news where Twitter is playing a role.

Your blog will have direct links to your travel business, so that when you drive the traffic to your blog it will produce sales.
I just started using it a few days ago. No opinion yet.
Wow, Natalie, all the times I've used TweetMeme, I never looked at it as a Digg replacement. That sounds good to me. Because Twitter has a tendency to have more quality items, I believe, and people tweet your material because its good and they got something out of it, not because they are a part of a group of people that want to see certain stories rise to the popular page. TweetMeme replacing Digg is certainly giving me something to ponder, as well as a possible blog topic. Thanks a lot.

Oh and to answer your question, yes I do believe TweetMeme has the potential to replace Digg.
That would be a great blog topic. There really has not been that many blogs about this, but I think that is going to change in the next couple of months.

Here's the best blog I could find about it and it is from April:
Thanks Natalie, I'm writing it now.
I just created it. And so far its starting to get RT's.
Yes. For me it already has.
I am hearing about TweetMeme here for the first time. How do I find out more. I have never used Digg even though I knew it existed. I am promoting real estate in central Mexico to the international community so I work in both languages. I find I have to run to stay almost even.
Do you have a Twitter page?
I just learned of it from your email. While it may cut into digg it may not replace it as digg is for any website - not just twitter.

David Stewart


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