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Are you an Adminstrator for a Ning Network?


If you are please add your URL (mine is and please connect with me.



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Excellent - Thanks Keith.

Please visit our site and spread the word...

Thanks Kimberley, nice to connect with you on here.

Paul is mine.
Excellent, thanks Jacque
Hi Paul,

We have two ning sites: which is aimed at people interested in personal development and particularly focussed on spiritual principles such as law of attraction and featuring the works of Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra and many more. It's objective is to help people become wealthy and happy through manifesting the life of their dreams. is focussed on creating a successful business based on the principles of the above site and incorporating lots of practical and proven business advice.

Always interested to hear tips from other administrators on how to make the site better.

Love & smiles,
Co-founder of Moore & Moore Abundance Ltd
That's great Thanks Janet.

Thanks Norma
Hi supertooth, I'd be happy to include it in my True Art of Being website which has a health section ( Let me have some text I can add to the site.
Love & smiles,
Jan x
Hi Supertooth,

Not too sure my Ning would be suit (best) but thanks for your post, I've added you as a "friend".



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