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Are you an Adminstrator for a Ning Network?


If you are please add your URL (mine is and please connect with me.



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Mine is (MOBEE KNOWLEDGE CoP) The theme : “Toward next generation KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2.0 through contextual learning on the issues of TECHNOLOGIES, MARKET, PEOPLE and INNOVATION”
Thanks Md,

I will add/connect with you if that is ok.

this is mine

I am a n Administrator of this ning network

Please join and share your sunset passion!!!

I'm hear you!
Thanks Stefano,

I will add/connect with you if that is ok.
oks thanks City

Thanks Malvina,

I will add/connect with you if that is ok.
Thanks A W,

I will add/connect with you if that is ok.
Hi Citylocal

My networks are at

any ideas about attracting new members since Ning changed the rules would be welcome

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your post.

I am new to Ning and have the one site (3 or 4 months old) which is aimed at SME's within Cork (Ireland). One of my biggest sources of traffic, according to Google Analytics, is Twitter and LinkedIn. Most of my networks on these sites are local to me so I find them a good source.

Another useful one (which surprised me to be honest) is the invite option. I can see from my Admin area that 300+ invites have gone out.

I'm not aware of any Ning rule changes (may be this was before I joined?).

Nice to connect with you on here.

Hi City-local

we used to be able to invite our friends across all the networks that we belonged to---but some admins got all monopolistic and got Ning to prevent us inviting our friends

Now our networks are growing at a snails pace unfortunately

Hi Mark,

Oh, ok, I haven't done this so guess that was before my time.

You must be a member of those other networks then Mark, so presumably you could log-in to each separately an send a message to your friends on that network. Obviously a longer process but the outcome/uptake should be the same, I would have thought.




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