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Looking at your patient/ client at a cellular level. The patient/client provides saliva and urine.

The SOLARIS instrument then screens the samples for the following 12 key biomarkers.

• pH / alkaline reserve

• Oxidative Stress / Rate of aging

• Cellular Respiration

• Electrolytes

• Carbohydrate Metabolism

• Protein Metabolism

• Hydration

• Adrenal Stress

• Liver Stress/Toxicity

• Kidney Stress

• Anabolic/Catabolic

• Inflammation


Think about how you could help your patient/client with this information.

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What happens after the screening?
Do you treat the patient and what do you recommend to solve the problem?
We make recommendations based on the data collected. If would like to see a sample report please send me an email address that I can send it to.
Based on the data is it a special nutrition plan you give out or is medicine?
no medicine, it is nutrition and nutritional supplement recommendation. This testing has gotten many people off of medications.


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