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Let's help each other harness the power of bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc.


1) Post your various bookmarking site profile links (Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc.)
2) Connect with people that *make sense* (share your interests, bookmark stuff you like)

3) Log in everyday to add more connections


Anyone who uses the bookmarking sites to drive traffic knows that you need a few friends/followers/subscribers to vote up your submissions to get them noticed.


When you connect with people here, remember that it's not necessary to vote up/buzz up etc every single post they make to bookmarking sites. In fact, it's not a good idea. Be a little selective about what you vote for. It will help everyone involved maintain a strong profile reputation.

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Start with me!

Digg: MsPseudolus
Stumbleupon: MsPseudolus
Propeller: MsPseudolus
Hey Kirsten - I see that we're mutual friends on Digg now and I voted on a couple of your StumbleUpon links! Cheers, Tia
Hi, Tia! I got on the stick here and Dugg/Stumbled some of your submissions!

I'm going to hunt for you on Twitter... I have two Twitter accounts:
Personal - MsPseudolus (focus on social media)
Blog - Funny Patrol (funny videos)

Love your stuff!

Thanks, Kirsten! I'm on Twitter at!

My main site might be down for a bit tomorrow as I switch hosting providers but you should be able to find me tweeting all day. lol
Found ya! So HostGator has been bad for Customer service? I use them for Funny Patrol :\
Hi, I friended/followed at:
Linked In

U might want to check out a similar group on Linked In: Social Media Xchange :) Thanks!
I am excited about this. I write a column at:

My interests are: home improvements and interior design, home products and home entertainment and parties.

At Digg, Faves, Reddit, Delicious, Kirtsy and Care2 I am: zigandme

At Twitter:
Hi, Andrea. I followed on Digg and Twitter (i'm not on the others yet).

Is there a way to follow people on Reddit? I have yet to figure that out!

As a writer you might find interesting. Just FYI. My friend started it.

I'm lazy

They're all listed there.
That list on is a great idea. We should all do that.

Following you on:
- Twitter
- Digg
- Stumbleupon
- Propeller
- LinkedIn

When you get a sec, could you enlighten about



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