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How do you be authentic - when you're pulled in 100 different directions? If you do client work, how do you help THEM be authentic - when a good chunk of SMM involves automation?

Love to get everyone's thoughts on Authenticity!



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Awesome, Lucy! Cheers!
Follow up Question - Tiger Woods' speech yesterday - authentic, or no?
I believe that any answer will be speculative. personally, I have not delved into that, as I am not Tiger, nor close to him. None of us will truly know whether he was sincere or not, and I am not going to put myself in a position to speculate. Simply not my place to.
I think like most people, he'd rather of avoided further media intervention to scrutinise his personal life. Quiet rage within, towards media pressure is my guess. Of course, he wasn't just tasked with apologies to his wife and family, he was manipulated to appease his huge sponsorship contracts. Reality is, he has enough money to live on without any sponsorship, and he could get by even if divorce procedure separated 50% of his dollar.

Overall, my opinion is; he was authentic in trying to polish his brand, and is genuinely sorry he got caught out, which is only human.
Well ,Tiger did apologize.
I am sure it is not easy.
I believe he has lost major contracts.
Lesson learned.
Cannot speculate.
Exactly. The motives are just between him and his wife and family. I think he had a long time to think about this and said exactly what he wanted to less. Good point.

Authentic...just very carefully worded...very carefully worded



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