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How do you be authentic - when you're pulled in 100 different directions? If you do client work, how do you help THEM be authentic - when a good chunk of SMM involves automation?

Love to get everyone's thoughts on Authenticity!



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I think, as much as you can, you need to put yourself in the person's shoes on the other end of the computer when someone responds to your automated emails/ads, etc. At the core of this, relationship building is still key. Our company gives a free analysis of websites and blogs for optimization and marketing. Some respond right away, some don't. I think people have been bombarded with so much garbage for so long, social media marketing is a fast paced version of old fashioned selling. You have to give to get...that simple. This is marathon and not a sprint. While you have to eat in the process, true prosperity in marketing takes a plan and consistent follow through with that plan. Have a great day.

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EMPATHY marketing. Love it...

Funny, we did a blog post on this subject the other day. Here's the link:
Thanks for the link...I'll check it out.

Hey Alice - do you feel that the manager is able to still present the real "you" for the band, without looking "forced?" I empathize with where you are, though - bands can't be everywhere and everything to everyone.
Authenticity in social media marketing should mean transparency. Allowing people to see the real you so trust can be gained. People should feel like they know you, like you are the girl {or boy} next door.
Yeah, I agree...but it's also pretty tough for brands to get this...Dove, for instance, struck a chord with the "Campaign for Real Beauty." Others have tried and failed with similar "authenticity" experiments.
I have been in business for over 40 years,wow i did not realize it has been that long.
Anyway, I have had all kinds of businesses and currently have clients all over the world
social marketing and marketing in general is easy to be authentic. Just be yourself.
Be honest with you first. Remember that person in the mirror each morning when you wake up, and you have to live with them. Be forthright with your customer base. Do what you say you are going to do and no excuses.
When I have concerns that arise I stand in front of it. Your clients will appreciate your honesty and more likely will return for future business. It has worked for me for the last 40 years.
thanks for reading
Love "be forthright with your customer base. do what you say you are going to do and no excuses." Great stuff!
Authenticity is consistency in behaviour, and behaviour consistent with one's premises. We know what to expect!
Like it! Good answer...
TeresaTips summed it up in one word- transparency, and it's a code I live by and wear on my sleeve.

Real people appreciate the real "you".

While it is easy to convey an online persona of any type one desires, we must also remember that falsehood, like dross, will eventually surface.

Cheers, and have a fabulous wkend!!
Agree wholeheartedly - especially in social media. Transparency should be more than a buzzword.


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