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Come share your story with us at The Marketing Rainmaker Facebook Page: 


* What do you do?

* How long have you been doing it?

* How much are you earning?

* What advice do you have for others?


The Marketing Rainmaker is holding a contest on her Facebook Business Page (which is part of the FB Exchange here at Viral Networkers).  Come share your story at, inspire others and win!


Let's make this viral.  Share the contest with your friends.  The more people who participate, the stronger the energy and inspiration!




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All those are good questions...I might add; Is it money and prestige that drives a person...OR is it Purpose?
Indeed I am. After a lot of hard work it only took one affiliate relationship to put me over the top. If you can work financial and trading info into your websites and programs you can easily do it to.

Join the MarketClub/INO.Com family. Here is the application >
Great questions and stories! Be sure to add them to
I am probably in the 95% group that never
make it and I have shifted to one and only one
investment business, where there is no work what so
ever needed, neither knowledge, no fees or losses and
best of all no referrals. Just send in the money and get
it back with a huge interest. 0.63%/day, 100%
compounding. It will give me 1,000 times after 3 years,
1,000 will become 1,000,000. So nowadays I just go here
to collect my money and never have to think about
business any more.
Eleven years ago I was sitting in a car next to a business colleague in Dubai when his wife called him on his mobile phone. Now it was a private conversation, but when you are in such close proximity it is impossible not to hear much of the conversation. What I heard was that two frinds in the USA had come together in a network marketing business which was coming over the ocean to the UK and Europe. Having been let down by two previous network marketing companies, I had decided that the industry was not for me, but when I heard that these two gentlemen had come together I thought that I would at least get some more information.
On returning to Scotland I and some others were invited to go to a business lunch with the President of the company. I decided that the best way to get the information I wanted was to sit next to the Company President, this I did and within a very short period of time I knew that here was an opportunity that should not be missed.
The early days were not easy, and many gave up, but those of us who stayed the course now have businesses that are great fun, are international and provide a significant income. Operating in 20 countries, soon to be 21, we are just like a huge family where everybody helps everybody else. Never before have I found a business where you can phone somebody else in the business, who you do not know ,and ask them to help a person who I know but who lives close to them.
What attrcted me to the business was the fact that there was no selling involved in the business, all I had to do was gather a handful of customers and show them savings on services which they used everyday - a guaranteed income! And that was something I had never experienced in 30+ years of traditional business.
Now I just help others to duplicate exactly what I did and help them to create an income stream that can take them to financial freedom.
In these turbulent times the idea of a job being a job for life is over, I know very few people who really do not need an extra income, and I can show them a way of creating that income without it affecting what they currently do. Governments continue to stress jobs jobs jobs because that is the guaranteed income for the state as you pay tax on your earnings before you get the money. What I am doing is building an assett, and an assett is something that produces income . Unfortunately most people do not know the difference between an assett and a liability, they have a job and go out and buy a car, a house etc. Neither of those are assetts as they cost you money to maintain, well a house becomes an assett but not before you die.
Well thats a part of my story because the story continues every day, I hope you liked it.

I just wonder if you and me are talking about the same business.
Whatever you are telling fits into the story I have heard. WBwso.

Probably the same industry but with a different company. Malaya is not one of the countries where the opportunity is available yet. S. Korea is going to be the newest launch country sometime in July I believe.
====== Sign Up Problem ======
From the home page you cannot
sign up direct, since creating an account
can only be done from an invitation link

However, using such referral links are a bit
risky, since there are people out there that
steal these links and use there own user-name
and then get credited for it.

So to first make the link shorter and also
scrambled "Cloaked" one is using a free service


In some countries around the Middle East the
Internet is filtered and do not like these
scrambled links, so then I will sign up for
free for you and then hand over the account.

To log in to the account you only need to use
the normal home page address.

So this invitation link
is perfectly OK in most countries.

If this link is not working (Blocked),
then come back to me and I will help you to
sign up and hand over the account to you.
You can then change the password to your own.

I hope that this information will help you.
Hello everyone! I love your stories. You might want to post them at the Marketing Rainmaker Facebook Page in order to be entered to win:
Yes, I am using your FaceBook link, but then what? Nowhere to write anything that I can find. Never been an admirer of FaceBook. Too messy for me as an old engineer. Maybe some guide lines from you.
Good morning Ron.

Yes FB is new and a bit challenging, isn't it?

Once you get there:

* click on the "Wall" tab
* find the "Marketing Rainmaker "Show Me The Money!" " post
* click on Comment

You'll see the post near the top of the wall and then click on the word "Comment" below the post.

I'll look for you later.
I am sorry Terry, but I cannot find the button you are telling me about. If there was a "Comment" button, I would have found it without asking you for it. I even tried the search option, but still no such button. Attached is a screen dump from the page in PDF format.


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