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Hello, Beyond H2O is new to the marketplace ... it is water designed for professional athletes and health conscious individuals who want only the best for their bodies. A rigorous 12-step purification process is applied to remove all known impurities and at the end of the process we add back in organic trace minerals to create a water that is clean, crisp, and provides optimal hydration.
Beyond H2O has an average of 0.5 ppm of total dissolved solids which is 1000 times lower than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) secondary standard of 500 ppm for drinking water. 
 Beyond H2O is clinically proven to hydrate more efficiently than tap and other bottled water. Drinking one bottle of Beyond H2O is equivalent to drinking up to 4 bottles of other water.
Please Visit for all details. Contact Hugh Love for all other details.
We are opening in the USA on May 1, 2010 ... join for FREE until that time. This is a ground floor opportunity!
Thanks .. to your health!

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