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For those of you that do not know what this means...  A LinkedIn OpenNetworker is someone who openly accepts all invitations to connect.  They usually will have "LION" in their profile name and list out their email address for easy connections.


I am wondering how many of you are LIONs and what are some of the benefits of being a LION.



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I have no idea, but still joining any serious (assumed) networking project I find on the net...

best wishes
Seppo Laine
Hi. I am not sure if I am or not. I run a Payroll Bureau and Bookkeeping Practice, so would welcome contacts from clients. Generally, there are no possible clients. Once they have met me, they are clients. Sorry, that sounds big-headed! But it seems to be true.

So, if you need business assistance, accountancy services, tax matters discussing, or payroll services, contact me, please. Check out my website here.
This sounds interesting but wouldn't you get overwelmed with so many contacts a day. I am with so many social networks groups I lost count and simply don't have the time to folow up with them any more. Is there possibility to get contact just with the people in you industry or you niche? I read so much about those contacts and social sites and how good they are for you business but I don't know what to do with that. Where could I get information how do you use those contacts to their and to you advantage? Please forgive my ignorance I am a baby boomer and need a bit more time to grasp all that technology.
Thanks Natalie for that interesting discusion
I'm not one, but would love to know the benefits of being one and I was also wondering how many people are benefiting financially from being on LinkedIn.
Hello Natalie, I am Greg Wright and I am happily a L.I.O.N. Since becoming a L.I.O.N. I have been to one function and was welcomed and made to feel that it was the way to build my business in Adelaide. It was a major addition to my marketing posiblities. I have also found that, by joining other groups, there are other adelaidians who I am encouraging to do likewise and become L.I.O.Ns.

I eagerly look forward to the events in 2010

Greg Wright
I am not a LION but I don't think I want to be. I find linking in with people I've met networking fine, but I'm not one for random connections. I don't really see the point, I'd rather know who I'm working with.
Technically, I am not a LION since I don't put "LION" on my profile. However, I do have my email addressess and phone number visible to help anyone who wishes to contact me.

I accept all invitations unless there is something obviously weird about the invitation. I also routinely reach out to others in my field, area, or one of my groups.

I feel that the ability to "meet" new people is one of the major strengths of LinkedIn. Sure, I started with friends and colleagues but it is valuable to go beyond that.
Hi Natalie,

I am a "LION" and it's really all about "Know me, Like Me, Follow Me" (see Penny Power's book of the same title). I am convinced that success in social networking depends on what you put into it, and thus creating attraction. By knowing your expertise, you can build your reputation or brand and by associating with other networkers, you can gain more credibility by helping them with their problems, often initially for free. A driving passion for what you do is also important.

Penny is absolutely right in her book when she says: "Relationships first, commerce second" - remember, random connections do work, as I have found over time. It's all well and good connecting with just your favourite networkers, but for me it's the variety and randomness of connections that is equally if not more important.

Having an open, random and supportive attitude today to people will change the closed, secretive and controlling set of attitudes we had in the 20th Century. Remember, it won't necessarily be one of your direct connections who will give you your next work opportunity, it will probably be someone who knows someone who knows one of your connections. The more connections you have, the more chance of such opportunities.

Finally, it takes time to build your reputation and go from "Know me" to "Follow me" - Penny's husband, ecademy Chairman Thomas Power, advocates it takes up to 3 years if you work hard at it. What have I got out of it so far? I have a lot of people who know and like me and more and more people are beginning to follow me but over time all the hard work will be worth it! I run a local networking club and share my passion for sharing knowledge and experience with my members. I am proud to say that it has been regarded as one of the best local networking clubs to join. I couldn't ask for a better accolade!

Hope this is useful and look forward to receiving others' views.

Warmest regards,

not quite a LION. If I like what I see on the profile as to needed service or good prospect Ill ad them.
No I'm not using LION in fact I was turned off by LinkedIn altogether; however after reading an earlier posting that listed some valuable suggestions I'm thinking about giving LinkedIn another shot.
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