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For those of you that do not know what this means...  A LinkedIn OpenNetworker is someone who openly accepts all invitations to connect.  They usually will have "LION" in their profile name and list out their email address for easy connections.


I am wondering how many of you are LIONs and what are some of the benefits of being a LION.



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I did some research on it, and most LIONs set up a free email account specifically for their linkedin account so they do not get overwhelmed with messages.
Not really, but that is because we are fairly local in our reach. We DO have a relocation guide available for licensing so perhaps the viral scope of the LION network might prove valuable to promote contacts in other areas for that. So far, it seems as if most of the LION contacts who have linked to me are recruiters and those in similar areas who need beaucoup contacts. I'd be curious as to how many LIONs have collaborated on their LION status via Facebook & Twitter as well.
i am part of the LION group on linkedIn
I am not LION. The problem is the same as twitter, FB, etc. I prefer to have high quality contacts instead of just a high number of people just to impress. I would like to be able to ask more people to connect without the hassle of gettin turned in on LI for not being known. What is wrong with people who can't just hit "archive". There has to be a way for LI to work this out. This all (LION) or nothing (slow build) is ridiculous. Happy medium suggestions are welcome and almost all Atlanta Georgia Connection Requests accepted. My business is regional.
Maybe you can help me. I want to be able to get my messages out to everyone not just the people that i choose to be my connections. Is there a fee for this type of networking?
Dr. Berni
What is message are you trying to get out? Who is your target audience? What is your website url?
Its working great, which focus in enhancing the vision and learning about professional and as well as non professional issues.
How then do I become a LION? I want to do this
Here's the link to the signup page:
unfortunately, I am not LION but I would like to expand my connection...

Nurcan Guler
Polser Frp Panels Inc.
I am a LION on all networks - TRUST is the key to manifestation... As they say 'let go, Let God' (by any name you choose to call her/him) - I manifest every single thing I want and so I never have any problems from whom I accept.

Smiles, love, abundance be yours and my gratitude to you,
J William (Bill) Moore
Co-Founder True Art of Being

Tel: 44= (0)1455-292522 (UK)
(mobile) 44+ (0) 779-459-6980 (UK)
Skype ID: asmilingworld
Thomas Power is one of the top LIONs. He is ranked #30 on most connections on LinkedIn.


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