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For those of you that do not know what this means...  A LinkedIn OpenNetworker is someone who openly accepts all invitations to connect.  They usually will have "LION" in their profile name and list out their email address for easy connections.


I am wondering how many of you are LIONs and what are some of the benefits of being a LION.



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I'm a lion, I'm the Urban Superhero DANGERMAN is my name, watch me cut that zero bring heat like Deniro!!

"i'm keeping kids in school and out of jail"
Hello, Natalie,
I am on LinkedIn but I am not a LION. I'm a bit picky about who I accept invitations from and try to keep my connections to those within my industry, clients, colleagues, and networkers I've met face-face.

Thanks much!

Lisa Raymond
Deseyner’s Eye Creations
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Natalie, that is a good question and one that I have often wondered about. I have seen the designation "LION" but did not know the acronym. Thank you for answering that. I have practiced some open networking, not as a LION but through the various groups offered on LinkIn. My goal is not to merely link to everyone in the world but hopefully to connect with other people involved in my industry or region. The net result has not been as regional as I had hoped or industry specific but I have made some very interesting connections just the same. I look forward to reading about what other people's experience has been.
I like LION - I am one although I do not Put Lion in my Profile!

Making lots of random connections - and they are very interesting!
I am on LinkedIn and am an open networker. I will accept invitations from far and wide, and grow my network by about 1 person per day currently. All of that said I do not parade the LION badge on my banner and do not make a big thing of it. I normally grow my network by getting involved with LinkedIn Answers or in my groups.

peter.b.giblett (at) gmail (dot) com
Great question I noticed this the other day and was going to sign up for it - how do you do it?

Ecademy's auto-connect experiment which Thomas Power kindly signed me up for was also an excellent experience.

:) Martin
There have been many sub groups that have spurred from this. This is the original one. Although the website looks like it is stuck in 1993, it is the legit one.

Here's the link to the signup page:

My collegue signed up about 14 days ago. It took about 10 days for him to get added to the list. Then he started receiving 60-80 connection requests a day.
Thank you very much Natalie !

I've setup a new email address on linked in (and will do the same on Ecademy in case Thomas lets me have another go at the auto-connect) and signed up for the L.I.O.N.'s.

Hopefully they'll approve me and I'll respond with my feedback. Really appreciate the tip !

You also inspired me to follow up on the other link I got to this previously (but didn't finish investigating) and I found:
- which looks similar but charges a $49.95 pa fee and offers more networks like Ecademy, Plaxo, Xing etc (so I've signed up to this too)
- The OpenNetworker Group on Linked In

My new email address is likely to be pretty busy soon. As always I'll endeavour to reply to everyone that emails me (and check their profiles/try to help) but will now be better able to batch process them thanks to your email address tip Natalie !

:) Martin
Frankly, I think those people are poseurs. I say so on the Area 224 blog
Hi Dave

Do I manage to escape the tag due to these mitigating factors:

- I'm experimenting with it (key to discovery and gaining knowledge surely?)
- I'm not and don't profess to be a social media expert - I'm just a student

:) Martin
Hi Natalie

Interesting option, one I was unaware of ...... no I am not set up this way on LinkedIn presently.

Robert Ransom
I guessed I never noticed..I don't really mind who adds me .I think I would pass because of the spam once you hand out your email addy


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