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We all probably have experienced that already before, I don't know if women as much as men. but these either supposingly african, russian or english "girls"/"women" keep annyinig anybody who has an E-Mail address. The sneak in into every Blog, Chat, Forum and Social Network (they "lurv" MySpace and Ning!) and make unpropiate offers and indecent proposals. It's obvious that they are not for real but rather programs/bots that are randomly and widely spread collect real emial addresses from those who either ineterested or annoyed answer on their thread.
So therefore, because I don't want to give "her" my e-mail address I ask YOU, dear ADMIN  of VIRAL NETWORKERS, to see if and where you can find "her" in theis network and kick her but. Thank you ver much!
Here's the messahe I got from "her" from here within:

At 5:11pm on December 9, 2010, ROSE said…

Hello dear
My Name is rose i went to your profile today at.viralnetworkers.combrand
i love it i think we can from there click through my email address
i am waiting for your lovely reply soonest because i need your
communication so we can share blessing and understanding life which some
have never test and understand so try to send an email to me so i can
give you my picture so you can see who i am and i will tell you all of
my detail ok
i am looking for your reply soon
i am the one want to be your Friend
have a wonderful day
i am waiting for your lovely reply through my email address
( so that i will from there send you my picture
so that you will see how i look like ok try to get me back because there
is many love in sheering have a wonderful sweet dream and lovely day

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Cheers from Lima, Peru


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Thanks for the heads up.  We have banned them from the network.

Thank you, Admin,


like this a few other members are a little more "safe"  ;-)

Good for you! A sign of a real man.

This is another bot.


Please screen these nuisances out before they get a membership.



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