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I am a newbie when it come to make money through internet and one thing is funny because I think that I am a good internet marketer in one way to another.
One example, my new children book just published 1 weeks a go and after bloging where ever I can, on several site where I am active, the result of my campaign for my book is working, I mean, if I write only the tittle on google, it come out on the first page with 3 position . Now come my question, I had a comment from a friend and he told me that now it was time to viral this , how can you do that and do I need to do it viral like he say. If someone of you would know and could explain me what I have to do for that matter, I will be very grateful to hear it, thanks in advance for your precious time, kind regards, RobertO
I have a banner and post it everywhere I could, and discover that a lot of peoples don't know how to use a banner even they are busy for long time in internet, funny isn't?

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Hi Robert,

Keep talking and doing what you are doing... Blogging and article writing about your product or service has always benefited myself...

Getting on to Google first page is easier than most think... You don't have to pay to get their you can do it with having back links everywhere...

Now there are system that you can buy that can make posting to articles sites and socials networks at one time, I like the the old fashion fishing steady and a little every day, plan your course of actions. ...

But if you have the time to spend a couple hours a day, one any day and do it for 3-5 time a week.. Write a review and post them...

I have a few blogs on viral marketing on my website that might be helpful to you...

Banners have become a "i don't want to click, cuz I am scared people don't want to and the number is growing because of virus.., only use them on my websites and certain exchanges..

Wooo Gwendolyn,
ythis is great, thank you so much for explaining me that I am doing the right thing, lets keep in touch if you like it to, now its getting lat here and I have to stand up early tomorrow, its now here 23:23pm GMTTime. And about the time to be busy on internet, no problems about that,I can spend the time I need, I have spend the last few day's around 5 a 6 hours to get my little light point with 4 position on the first page of google, and planning to go on. Could you give me tip where I can post the blog about my book, and thanks a lot for your support, I really appreciate if you explain me how your blog's are on viral on your site and for sure we exchange link, I have myself few website to, talk to you tomorrow , may you have a great day, RobertO
if you like I will give you my direct mail next time ;)
Glad that I could help a little..

I have a couple of blogs that I posted about Viral Marketing... Here is one of the articles on that subject..

Mention viral and people are more likely to contemplate infection, ailments and trouble - or with regard to the geeks amongst us, pc's destroyed. Though viral marketing is in no way so detrimental or undesirable, viral marketing is great!

What is Viral Marketing?

As the name indicates, it's a strategy of extending one's marketing announcement from person to person, very much like the flu virus is passed about. You passnut the germ to, say 5 close friends, who consecutively everyone of them deliver on the bug to 5 additional (5x5=25), who after that, spread it to a different 5 (25x5=125) and so on to the point that at the end of just 8 levels, you have the high figure of 1,953,125.

One quintessential example of viral marketing is, 1 of the first no-cost web e-mail companies. The procedure is basic:

1. Give away cost-free e-mail addresses and services,

2. Slap on a obvious note at the base of all users email message dispatched: "Get your private, free email at "" and...

3. Then stand back whilst individuals e-mail to their own network of comrades and associates,

4. Who notice the note,

5. Sign up for their exclusive free e-mail service, then

6. Propel the message still farther to their unique constantly-increasing circles of companions and associates

So what will make marketing 'Viral'?

A viral marketing plan frequently includes part or each of the following vital elements:

1. Supplies a product or service available

2. Provides for easy to do transmition of the advertisement to many others

3. Allows easy multiplication from small to exceedingly huge

4. Exploits conventional motivations and actions

5. Applies available communication networks

6. Relies on the assets of many others

Viral marketing costs a very small amount, beyond a doubt if you check out the correct sites it can cost nothing. Granted that, and the tremendous probable advantages, your marketing campaign in reality really should catch this viral marketing bug!

There is another article here:

Glad that we are friends...

Gwendolyn Davis


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