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Not everything works for everybody. Although there may be common characteristics among successful small business owners, not every business owner approaches business the same way. Successful small business owners are masters at filtering knowledge and implementing only what works best for them. They create and discover fundamental habits that enable them to mover further faster.

Over 100 small business owners shared what core habits they have put into practice to sustain motivation and maintain success. Below are 91 fundamental habits of highly motivated small business owners. The best way to eliminate a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. Seek out those that suit your business needs, skills and capacity. Implement them, work at them and make them your own. Your business needs to be on your terms.


1.    Transparency. P. Cheung,

2.    Work when the inspiration strikes you. H. Claus,

3.    Diversify projects to offset monotony. S. Horowitz,

4.    Respond to all inbound inquiries from clients and colleagues immediately. N. Marshad,

5.    Let others know what you are doing, achieving and pursuing. P. Draper,

6.    Be a source of information. S. Bloom,

7.    Set untouchable, personal time away from business. K. Sherkey,

8.    Be committed to the community you serve. J. Flynn,

9.    Work in your strengths. Do what you do best. D. Hensch,

10.     Live below your means. Use profits to grow your business. P. Solomon,

11.     Keep up with technology. Emerging technology allows small business to compete on all levels and if adopted and utilized frees an amazing amount of time. B. Attig,

12.     Never stop marketing. No marketing = No sales. C. Ruenheck,

13.     Never start the day without a plan. D. Furtwengler,

14.     Focus on results. Know what you are doing, how and why you are doing it. B. Flaxington,

15.     Be willing to turn down business that does not pay you what you are worth. B. Phibbs,

16.     Discipline because there's no "boss man" threatening to fire you. S. Fischer,

See the rest of the list here:

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