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Twitter will be owned by Google by the end of 2010.
Have you done the google buzz yet????
Natalie is a new generation Business Sage. I love her.
Simply put more ning
Time to start brushing up on my math, Trend #15 crucial and inevitable domination. [not to scare anyone, but Mr. Moffitt is right on target.]
Exponential growth. People are very interested. Google ownership likely. Key is figuring out which ones of the 20 some of them or more are the best fir for your business. Some of them? All of them?
Obviously I cannot spell (or at least type). Best "fit" for your business, not best "fir".
Some of the early predictions are funny due to hindsight. Even Bill Gates! You do realize that 3.6 Billion Cell Phones represents HALF the population of the whole world! And if the world crashes due to currency fluctuations...? Protect yourself and put cash in your pocket at the same time: Thank you. George
Competitors are tweeking their business models to attract more users; Facebook, MySpace, PeopleString. More users equals more advertising revenue, but the Community Corporation (I just made that up- a corporation owned by residents of an area who own no more than 1% equity) could manage/govern the community for the benefit of all the residents of an area. Imagine with a democratic majority for membership.
It's interesting how about half of the predictions come true and half don't - which is pretty much what you would expect. I think this 16 (actually it's 17, but who's counting?) is pretty insightful. In fact, many are happening already.
The monetisation point is an ever increasing issue for business - how do you go about it? The old models won't work, but what are the new models? Particularly in light of crowdsourcing, consumer power and content syndication, it makes it even harder to see how it is going to be achieved effectively. I'll be watching with interest, as I am sure many others wil.
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