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 Hello everyone, did you know.....

When you create strategic relationships with relevant Facebook Fan Pages, you will gain excited, engaged fans.  These are people who can't wait to get
involved with your business and share it with others.  On Facebook, people are looking for
information, and they use Fan Pages as a resource to find out about products
and services so they can make better buying decisions.  As a marketer, you want to position yourself
in the ready position, so that when your fans are ready to make that purchase,
they want to make it with you.  Below is
a list of 10 things you didn't know about social media.  If you utilize any or all of these things,
you can increase your social media ROI. 



  1.  Use surveys like poll daddy or survey monkey to increase engagement
  2.  Use a lead capture form like from Aweber to generate leads from Facebook Fan Pages. Now you can socially share your content
    from Twitter and Facebook there.
  3.  Give away free reports and let your subscribers distribute them from your Fan Page or Twitter
  4. Watch the evening news and learn how to create teasers. Your readers will respond to them better as you use teasers for status
  5. The majority of Facebook users are looking for freebies, giveaways and promotional offers. Find some and give it to them
  6.  Use keywords that specifically relate to your industry and create updates with them.  This
    will improve your search results.
  7. When creating your personal profile, don't include your business.  Create a separate
    identity for your business profile.
  8. Marketers know they need social media to get more eyeballs on their content, but they don't know how to optimize social
    media to get those eyeballs.
  9. Only 13% of people on Twitter and Facebook want to interact with you.  25% are consumers
    looking to buy products and services; 31% are looking for giveaways and gamers use social media for entertainment
    and fun.
  10. People only 'like' your Facebook Fan Page as a show of support, not because they want to talk to you.

Do you know anything else I might have left out?  Let me know, and leave them below in the comment box.  Happy Thanksgiving!

 LaTease Rikard 
If you change your mind, you can change your life! 


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