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What is your YouTube Channel url and Why should I subscribe?

There are many avenues for posting video as a part of your social media marketing package., and of course YouTube;  If…

Started by TeasasTipsLatest Reply

Facebook Fan Exchange: I become a fan, you become a fan

Here's the simple instructions for this section: 1) Post Your Fan Page Url for Other Members to Become a Fan 2) Anyone that Replies that t…

Started by Jessica HansonLatest Reply

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Facebook Fan Exchange: I become a fan, you become a fan

Here's the simple instructions for this section: 1) Post Your Fan Page Url for Other Members to Become a Fan 2) Anyone that Replies that t…

Started by Jessica Hanson

1678 Feb 12
Reply by salie

Twitter Follower Exchange - I follow you, you follow me.

Here's the simple instructions for this section: 1) Post Your Twitter Url for Other Members to Follow You 2) Anyone that Replies that they…

Started by Jessica Hanson

1035 Sep 25, 2017
Reply by salie

LinkedIn Connection Exchange

1) Post Your LinkedIn Url and the Email Address that you use on LinkedIn2) Connect with everyone that is listed, and post a reply to each p…

Started by Jessica Hanson

993 Sep 24, 2015
Reply by Steves Designs

What is your YouTube Channel url and Why should I subscribe?

There are many avenues for posting video as a part of your social media marketing package., and of course YouTube;  If…

Started by TeasasTips

297 Sep 25, 2017
Reply by salie

What is your website url and how is social media integrated into it?

I would like everyone to be able to see different aspects of how to integrate social media into their websites.  Please list your url so th…

Started by Jessica Hanson

157 Mar 22, 2017
Reply by salie

What free services do you use to promote your website?

As an entrepreneur with a home based biz, I have tried some of these programs only to dissapointed.    If you have a website that you are a…

Started by Linda King

148 Sep 25, 2017
Reply by salie

What is your Twitter url and Why should I follow you?

Please take a moment to list your twitter url, what you tweet about, and why we should all follow you. My twitter url is: http://twitter.c

Started by Jessica Hanson

109 Sep 25, 2017
Reply by salie

Does LinkedIn have any value to you? How many customers did you get in 2009 from LinkedIn?

I am just wondering if it is worth spending my time on developing a presence on LinkedIn.  I am interested to hear how other people are usi…

Started by Helen Ramirez

90 Sep 25, 2017
Reply by salie

How many social networks do you subscribe to? How many is too many?

Can you subscribe to too many social network sites?  It seems as though it can be overwhelming and perhaps, not very efficient.  If I need…

Started by Peggy A. Lynch

86 Mar 10, 2010
Reply by Peggy A. Lynch

How to Add Your Website to the ViralNetworkers Directory

Your site will also be listed on every page of the network in the right hand column and in the new recommended directory.Here are the instr…

Started by Janice Thompson

80 Mar 22, 2017
Reply by salie

What is your Facebook fan page url and how do you use it?

Our Facebook fan page url is: have turned ours into a hybrid of business with a personal touch.  On the busines…

Started by Jessica Hanson

78 Mar 22, 2017
Reply by salie

What is your favorite motivational quote?

Please share.

Started by Muhammad Siddique

74 Nov 20, 2014
Reply by salie

How To Make Your Facebook Fan Page Convert Like Crazy!

Many people don’t know what to do once they become Fans of a Facebook Fan Page. They simply don’t know what to expect. So, you must keep yo…

Started by TeasasTips

62 Sep 25, 2017
Reply by salie

What is the best social network site for business owners?

I think LinkedIn is the best. Although it does not have all the bells and whistles of Facebook, all the members are professionals.

Started by Tom Devers

62 May 23, 2014
Reply by salie

Naymz Connection Exchange

Was wondering if anyone here is on Naymz? What has your experience been? I have used primarily for SEO. If your on Naymz send me an invite…

Started by Mark Bustamonte

57 May 23, 2014
Reply by salie

Connect with Other Ning Administrators

Are you an Adminstrator for a Ning Network?   If you are please add your URL (mine is and please connect with me…

Started by CityLocal_Cork (Paul)

54 Dec 24, 2012
Reply by fanea54

How do you Juggle Multiple Social Networks Everyday?

With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, myspace, Nings and many many do you juggle them all? 

Started by Nilda G. Thomas

54 Mar 23, 2010
Reply by Nilda G. Thomas

How much time do you spend on social media websites each day?

As soon as I sit down at my computer each morning I go through each social network that I am involved with.  I check my messages and new co…

Started by Tom Devers

49 Mar 4, 2010
Reply by Dee Platt

What are your experiences with Ning sites?

I have just discovered Ning and am trying to do some research as to how it works. What things have any of you found that is an asset/curse…

Started by Suzanne Kiertianis

48 Dec 26, 2014
Reply by sandra008

How many Twitter followers do you have and how did you get them?

I think this is a great topic to discuss and share our strategies on how to get more followers. Please take a moment to list how many follo…

Started by Fred Hill

48 Feb 4, 2010
Reply by Linda King

Is Twitter a Waste of Time or a Valuable Resource?

As much as I love to build followers and tweet, I am just not seeing the numbers that I get from facebook and linkedin.  Although it may be…

Started by Helen Ramirez

46 Feb 17, 2010
Reply by Jane Slack-Smith

How do you Find your Target Market on the Web

I have had many people ask me how do you find people or your target market on the web who are interested in what you have to offer? How do…

Started by Nilda G. Thomas

44 Mar 15, 2010
Reply by Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

How Do You REALLY "Tweet"??

I would appreciate your feedback and help regarding using Twitter, such as:   1.  How often should someone "tweet" per day?   2.  Approxima…

Started by Funeral Resources

42 Dec 26, 2014
Reply by sandra008

What is your profession and what is your big goal for 2010?

My goal is to become an icon in my profession:Toussaint's my name, entertainment is my game (music that is, jazz, alternative, classical..…

Started by touusaint thompson

40 Mar 31, 2010
Reply by touusaint thompson

Why is social networking a one way street?

Why is social networking a one way street? I find that every group I have joined, wants to connect with me and then completely ignores me o…

Started by Melody

39 Dec 26, 2014
Reply by sandra008

Are you a LinkedIn OpenNetworker (LION) and how has it worked out for you so far?

For those of you that do not know what this means...  A LinkedIn OpenNetworker is someone who openly accepts all invitations to connect.  T…

Started by Jessica Hanson

39 Dec 26, 2014
Reply by sandra008

Is MySpace Dead, Dying, or Alive?

My vote is for dead. I personally never saw any use for it from the professional side. The wildly customized profile pages were always conf…

Started by Tom Devers

38 Dec 26, 2014
Reply by sandra008

How often should you update your social media status?

What works for you?  and how often do you update it?

Started by TeasasTips

36 Dec 26, 2014
Reply by sandra008

Which social media website or network is proven to be best for business?

Facebook, Linked-In, My Space, another . I know it depends on the industry, the market etc hence the across the board definition, taking al…

Started by Mike Bailey

34 Mar 22, 2010
Reply by Simon Hamer

What do you think the key to success is in social networking?

Here are my keys to success...   1) Consistency - I log in daily to the networks that I am involved with.  The first thing I do every morni…

Started by Fred Hill

34 Mar 8, 2010
Reply by Dorothy Vieira

How comfortable are you with making friends?

 Success using social media networking really depends on how well you make friends.  Generally, if you're easygoing, and don't have any pro…

Started by TeasasTips

32 Apr 20, 2010
Reply by Daniel Noe

What Social Network Offers You The Most Return for Time Spent?

Is it facebook, twitter, linked-In?  What network reigns supreme and why?

Started by Social Media Moguls

32 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Kimberly Harris-Bryant

How do you get new clients from social media?

As a start up company, I often find it challenging to find new clients.  Right now, I just talk to anyone who will listen and hope for the…

Started by Matthew Lakics

32 Jun 26, 2011
Reply by Anastacia Hauldridge

Do you use YouTube and other video sites to market your business?

Video is hot.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words while a video is worth a million!There are so many ways to use video these days…

Started by Susan Levin

31 Jun 13, 2011
Reply by Vic Hutchinson

Authenticity - What Does It Mean to Social Media Marketing

How do you be authentic - when you're pulled in 100 different directions? If you do client work, how do you help THEM be authentic - when a…

Started by Dave Van de Walle

31 Feb 22, 2010
Reply by Wayne Boesiger

What, in your view, is the best meaning of being social?

Please provide detail that on what grounds some person, media and anything other than, be called a social.

Started by Asad Zeeshan

31 Mar 3, 2010
Reply by Carol Ellison

What are your big dreams for your life and business?

  Everybody has creative ideas and dreams. It's the courageous few, through their determination and perseverance who turn dreams into tang…

Started by Mark Glamack "Littluns"

29 Apr 9, 2010
Reply by Mark Glamack "Littluns"

What marketing strategy is working best for your business?

Available marketing vehicles seem to come in all shapes and sizes these days.  There's social networking, web press releases, blogging, mic…

Started by Dale Little

29 Jun 26, 2011
Reply by Anastacia Hauldridge

What do you use to tie all of your social media profiles together?

I can synchronize LinkedIn to Twitter now with a single check in the box. I can synchronize Plaxo with Facebook with a one time configurati…

Started by Brent J Knipfer

24 Apr 26, 2010
Reply by IronWorkNY

How can you use Facebook and Twitter to effectively promote a blog?

I would appreciate some real life experiences. So please share!

Started by Consolata Ugboko

23 May 10, 2010
Reply by Crude Oil Trader

How do you Use Social Media for your Business?

I would like to hear how other members are incorporating social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ecademy, etc.) into their businesses or…

Started by Jessica Hanson

23 Mar 3, 2010
Reply by Carol Ellison

Is Social Media Over Rated or Under Estimated?

Social Media has numerous outlets that can be used to target your demographic whether is personal or business. Some use the term ROI (retur…

Started by Sky Life Media

21 Jun 11, 2010
Reply by Peter M C Jones

Bookmarking Exchange (digg, stumble, reddit, etc.)

Let's help each other harness the power of bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc.   1) Post your various bookmarking site p…

Started by Kirsten Coulter

20 Apr 13, 2010
Reply by Kirsten Coulter

Has Social Media Created Problems Or Opportunities For Your Business?

It is forever a challenge to think of new ways to get customers.  My competitive spirit is not satisfied with just one new customer per day…

Started by TeasasTips

19 Mar 30, 2013
Reply by Jadelise

Have you had Success on Twitter?

Finding your niche of followers on Twitter is the key to success in using this social networking site.  Many marketers express disappointme…

Started by TeasasTips

19 Mar 23, 2010
Reply by JW Najarian

When you are looking for a particular service, do you use social networks, google or directories?

A recent post made me think of rearranging the question slightly. I have google analytics and it appears a lot of people find me through go…

Started by Penny Ling

19 Mar 2, 2010
Reply by Penny Ling

Which Social Network Pays You?

I wish to know which Social Network pays for your participation?

Started by Shahrir Hj Ahmad

18 Oct 20, 2011
Reply by John P Hale

Who benefits more from social media, consumers or businesses?

    Who do you think benefits the most on social sites - buyers, or sellers, or does jibbety-jabber rule?   Do you think people on social…

Started by Mark Glamack "Littluns"

18 Aug 25, 2014
Reply by sandra008

How to convince higher 'Page Rank' webmasters in exchanging links with you?

Hey Friends,In this genre of online marketing, having greater PRs is crucial and advantageous in the cyberspace but often it is seen higher…

Started by Swayam Das

17 Jan 11, 2011
Reply by Tiffany Jewelry

Do you think TweetMeme will replace Digg?

More and more sites are replacing their Digg buttons with TweetMeme buttons. Digg has also taken away many of their "social uses" to collab…

Started by Jessica Hanson

17 Jan 12, 2010
Reply by Debs

Are You Earning A Good Income While Living Your Dream?

Come share your story with us at The Marketing Rainmaker Facebook Page:    * What do you do? * How long have you been doing it? * How much…

Started by Marketing Rainmaker

16 Jun 6, 2010
Reply by MrMillionaire

How do you identify fake profiles?

well my question is how can I filter out all the fake profiles, and identify the guys that pose as women in order to extort money from othe…

Started by dean dyer

15 Mar 4, 2010
Reply by Marc Mercer

The 75 Most Bookmarked Twitter Apps, Which ones do you use the most?

1- twittervision 2- twitterfeed 3- twhirl 4- tweetscan 5- twistori 6- twitter-search 7- tweetdeck 8- twitpic 9- hellotxt 10- twitterrific 1…

Started by Fred Hill

15 Feb 14, 2010
Reply by Monica

Has The Use of Social Media Reduced Your Marketing Cost?

In promoting our businesses, it's quite often difficult to measure the effectiveness of what we do. We all want to be results focused. Have…

Started by NextLevel Vacations

14 Apr 23, 2010
Reply by Tabitha Vinson


千葉 リフォーム、 千葉 店舗リフォーム、 千葉 水廻りリフォーム

Started by tieunguyet

13 Mar 11, 2013
Reply by tieunguyet

How To Make Your YouTube Video Viral

There are 5 ways to make your videos go viral: Create an emotional slideshow video---Appeal to the emotions of your viewers, make it perso…

Started by TeasasTips

12 Jul 27, 2010
Reply by TeasasTips

Promoting a network marketing business without being in the face.

How do I use Facebook to promote my business and get customers without getting in peoples faces.

Started by Greg Wright

12 Mar 24, 2015
Reply by sandra008

URL for Facebook Group

Where do I find the URL for my Facebook Group?

Started by Nanette Williams

11 Mar 24, 2015
Reply by sandra008

How do you engage people for business without the hard sell?

The conventional wisdom when using social media to promote your business is to avoid constant direct marketing plugs and sales messages.  I…

Started by Walter Plante

11 Mar 4, 2010
Reply by Walter Plante

What are some good methods for promoting a new social network using social networking media?

I have created and developed a social network for about 3 months now and our membership is just at 400.  I would like to know what methods…

Started by Susan Daniels

11 Mar 24, 2015
Reply by sandra008

How do you use smaller industry specific social networks to network?

I don't understand networking. How do I get the word out about what I do? No one has really heard of me unless they have attended my worksh…

Started by Linda Weaver Clarke

11 Apr 7, 2010
Reply by David Ottenstein

"META" tools for Social Networking

There are so many social media tools out there now, that it has gotten tough to select, manage, and update them every time I want to do a p…

Started by Vic Desotelle (DiscoveryFuel)

11 Mar 24, 2015
Reply by sandra008

How Do You Retweet?

Retweeting actually has a methodology to it according to Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella.  There is a thought process behind it, and if…

Started by TeasasTips

10 Mar 24, 2015
Reply by sandra008

How important is the online / global address book?

I'm an "UNYK" User since years (UNYK, the first smart address book that updates itself!). But till to date I've only 28 contacts at UNYK.  …

Started by Sunil Kumar Ayyappan Santhamma

10 Mar 24, 2015
Reply by sandra008

Letter From The Co-Founder of Empower Network - Get Ready To Signup on Friday, October, 18, 2013

I got this weird, yet crazy letter from one of my business partners and I wanted to share it with you.  It's good info and something you sh…

Started by Necole Brown

8 Nov 16, 2013
Reply by Necole Brown

Can one really make lots of money on line?

Who can you trust as a mentor without going broke first?

Started by Roberta Budvietas

7 Mar 14, 2010
Reply by Mike Dolan

Top 14 Social Networking Sites (Alexa and Quantcast)

1 | 93,300,000 - Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 4 - Alexa Ranking. 2 | MySpace 61,300,000 - Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 11 - A…

Started by Helen Ramirez

6 Jan 21, 2010
Reply by Richard Stevenson @ CobbleSoft

Flustered With Facebook?

I've noticed that on Facebook, as with actual life events, people seem to gravitate towards the crowd.  I have tried to engage my friends t…

Started by Tracy

5 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by Robin Tramble

I created this for retail stores. What do you think?

I'm glad to be part of this site!   I created this new business for retailers who don't understand the importance of blogging.  Please look…

Started by Dan Jablons

5 Apr 23, 2010
Reply by Lisa Connor

Where are the best places to place article and videos?

As the founder of an educational website,, I have created an online resource center to help families and Fu…

Started by Funeral Resources

5 Apr 27, 2010
Reply by Tammy Slater-Kendrick

What specific social marketing methods help land a job?

Is there a secret ingredient to getting a gig via social media?  A secret sauce?  Or it a more tried and true path of building relationship…

Started by Michael Albert

5 Mar 3, 2010
Reply by Carol Ellison

Otitis externa in dogs cure natural baytril beli what is 15ml otc 2 price uk

Otitis Externa In Dogs, Ear Infection - Best Drugstore Otibact (Baytril) 15ml Buy Baytril Online - Click Here Snot…

Started by Maisie William

4 Feb 25, 2013
Reply by tieunguyet


JESUS is always there, when trials and tribulations, and even in harms ways Jesus is always there. After facing many challenges this week w…

Started by Ms. Felecia

4 Mar 30, 2013
Reply by Jadelise

ADMIN! Please kick somebody's butt!

We all probably have experienced that already before, I don't know if women as much as men. but these either supposingly african, russian o…

Started by Thomas Jungblut

4 Dec 11, 2010
Reply by Lindy Asimus

What is your Why? Post Below Why You Are Involved In A Home Based Business.

Many people join a business opportunity because of their specific reasons. Some of these reasons are realistic and some are not, but to…

Started by Anastacia Hauldridge

4 Nov 10, 2010
Reply by Anastacia Hauldridge

Clinical Nutrition Made Easy....

Looking at your patient/ client at a cellular level. The patient/client provides saliva and urine. The SOLARIS instrument then screens the…

Started by Mary Gundrum

4 Oct 19, 2010
Reply by Mary Gundrum

Hi, My Name is LaTease Rikard...

Just a simple introduction that's all.  Whenever I meet people, I usually start off by introducing myself.   "Hi, my name is LaTease Rikard…

Started by TeasasTips

4 Nov 1, 2010
Reply by TeasasTips

Recommended Sites

Page Rank 3 Sites My Jiggie - The official website for Cam'ron, Dipset, and the UNVelda Brotherton - Western historical fiction and nonfict…

Started by Janice Thompson

3 Mar 30, 2013
Reply by Jadelise

How Many Social Networks Are You Involved With?

With so many social networks available, it's a wonder that business people have time to conduct business!  I recently spoke to a group of b…

Started by TeasasTips

3 Dec 15, 2010
Reply by Chaplain Robert A. Crutchfield

a question to ask

I am a newbie when it come to make money through internet and one thing is funny because I think that I am a good internet marketer in one…

Started by Roberto Durante

3 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by Gwendolyn Davis

I need to get knowledge about social media marketing

I need to get knowledge about social media marketing. What is good and in which way is I good?What is bad or doesn’t work and why? Is there…

Started by Torben Allan Mikkelsen

3 Nov 23, 2010
Reply by Anastacia Hauldridge

Need help with webpage

Hi, I need to create web pages. Is there a standard size that is used? thanks

Started by Lisa Connor

3 Jun 7, 2010
Reply by stephen laverty

What 'other' social network sites do you have profiles on for connecting 'socially?'

I am collecting URL's for Social Media websites - primarily in the United States and already have a listing which runs over 290 sites (all…

Started by Dawn Boyer

3 Feb 12, 2011
Reply by A.H.M.Mainuddin Ahmed(jahangir)

What are the Top 5 Industries using Social Media?

Will you please offer your thought.  What do you feel are the TOP 5 industries using Social Media to drive business results?  (Such as Auto…

Started by Keith Auer

3 Mar 24, 2010
Reply by Chris Abbott

How Would You Sell Social to Your Boss?

What is social media?Why should your company use it?How do you measure it?What are the benefits?

Started by Jay Deragon

3 Jul 14, 2010
Reply by Steve

Why is it the simplest things (like Twitter) are too simple?

I had to read Twitterville and Twitter for Dummies before I 'got it' for marketing and figuring out a way to use in in my business. I under…

Started by Dawn Boyer

3 Oct 19, 2012
Reply by salie

Are you sick of the lack of privacy on Facebook?


Started by debi daly

3 Mar 3, 2010
Reply by Child Author-william sawyers

What is the most important to consider when starting a new business?

 The most important thing you have to have a plan. without a plan you dont know where you are going or how to get their. you have to have a…

Started by Harry

3 Mar 3, 2010
Reply by Yen-Hong Tran

Peter The Fisherman

A look at Peter's character. Peter is often spoken of in disrespectful terms as though he was foolishly outspoken or always putting his f…

Started by Mick Alexander

2 Mar 30, 2016
Reply by Mick Alexander

Juicy Couture Tracksuits

Dependable E Steve Car Insurance Policy Helpful hints within deciding probably the most inexpensive E Steve insurance professional: Prior t…

Started by White eva

2 Mar 26, 2013
Reply by White eva

No one was born a winner!

Some things can a man do; some close, only a person lead Coach factory outlet online ; some o road, only a person walk. Each age has think…

Started by juny

2 Oct 10, 2012
Reply by juny


NON-ALCOHOL HAND SANITIZER 85% of harmful germs and bacteria are typically spread by the hands. The proper use of 4 Hour Protection™ (rea…

Started by Lawrence Withowski

2 Jan 13, 2011
Reply by Metatouch Healer

Help your connections find Jobs and get paid to refer on

Job Search just got, a recently launched, multi-award nominated Job website , have today transformed t…

Started by Andrew Turnbull

2 May 25, 2017
Reply by sandra008



Started by Ms. Felecia

2 May 25, 2017
Reply by sandra008

Join these social networking sites free that pay you!

Join these Social Networking Sites below FREE that pay you!

Started by Isabel

2 May 25, 2017
Reply by sandra008

Never Pay For A Single Lead Again

Every veteran marketer needs leads, a bulk email program, andphone broadcasting to contact 1,000's of leads to make money. Now we have one…

Started by Allan T Belmore

2 May 25, 2017
Reply by sandra008

pro at seo ,, noob at social media marketing,,where should i start..

i am doing seo for past 2 years,,i can say i have achieved good results with my efforts,,,but i have never tried social media marketing.may…

Started by Ram Joshi

2 Oct 22, 2010
Reply by wes thomas

List Building

What is the best way of building a list for FREE?

Started by Shahrir Hj Ahmad

2 Nov 23, 2010
Reply by Anastacia Hauldridge

The Secret to Success

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is this; "What can *I* contribute to the world ?" What gift can YOU give others…

Started by Michael Goebel

2 Jun 2, 2010
Reply by Judy Schaefer

YouTube >> Facebook

Hi,I'm trying to find the best way to embed a YouTube channel into my Facebook profile (as a Videos tab) - can anyone advise?I've tried usi…

Started by Martin Skinner

2 Apr 8, 2010
Reply by Vanessa Wesley


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